Hotvibez Artist Of The Week ( Black Dog)

Ben Chilengwe (born 28 September 1993), also known by the stage names Black Dog, Mfumu Chi-dogie Dogie, Mwana waba imbwa and Top Musical Commander, is a Zambian Uprising hip hop musician and Songwriter. His music journey began in 2008 and since he has done songs like Kulibe, After Party (Kolokocho), Ku chipopaula fye Ft 408 empire just to mention a few. Ben is from Mazabuka, Zambia and runs 3225/CBY Music Group, which supports/ Promotes uprising musicians. Ben is one of southern Province Music Giants. His Facebook account “Black-Dog cby“, Fan Page “Black Dog Mr Kulibe“, YouTube channel “Black Dog CBY Zambia” and intagram @Blackdogcby

Apart from Music Ben is an Entrepreneur.

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