Nikita Rider-Biography.

Georgina Katongo popularly known as Nikita Rider was born in Ndola on the 21 st of June 2001. She did her primary education at Chilengwa basic school and completed in 2012. She completed her secondary education at Masala secondary school in the year 2017.Georgina did her tertiary level at Zamtel College of education from 2018 to 2020 and obtained a diploma in graphic design. While at college she did a distance learning in Technical savvy from 2018 to 2019 and obtained a degree in business administration and now she is the owner of vision models and CEO for HELPERS organization. She believes Dj Twin K got her into music and the person who inspires her to make music is Chanda from Chanda na Kay. She describes the type of music that she typically create as the type of music that is meant to melt people’s hearts because most of her songs are from diary stories.

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