Mwizukanji filed a caurt case against Yo Maps to secure a better future for her the child, Bukata

Mwizukanji and Yo Maps are former lovers who have a child together named Bukata.

Mwizukanji is a media personality and entrepreneur, while Yo Maps is an international Zambian star.

They have been involved in public disputes and disagreements on social media over their relationship and co-parenting issues,

Mwizukanji recently revealed in an interview with Diamond TV that she took Yo Maps to court for child support, saying that it was for the betterment of their child. She said that she wanted to ensure a stable and supportive environment for Bukata, and that taking legal action was a significant and positive step for their child’s upbringing

This revelation has sparked a lot of reactions and discussions on social media, as many people are curious about the details and outcomes of the court case. Some people have praised Mwizukanji for her bold move, while others have criticized her for exposing their personal matters to the public

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