Bobby East Appears To Qfm Management To Kiss & Make Up.

Bobby East Appears To Qfm Management To Kiss & Make UpWith internet being second, Radio is the number one source for new music discovery. radio reaches, engages and retains the largest audiences as far as music promoting is involved. Radio plays an important role for the music industry in helping new artists get discovered and established artists remain in the limelight. Countless artists and record label executives have praised local broadcast radio for its role in exposing the public to new music, driving album and merchandise sales,

But Not every song can make it to the radio as Censorship of music is practiced and it refers  to the practice of editing of musical works for various reasons, stemming from a wide variety of motivations, including moral, political, or religious reasons. Censorship can range from the complete government-enforced legal prohibition of a musical work, to private, voluntary removal of content when a musical work appears in a certain context.

Away with the background lecture about Radio Stations and their role in Promoting music. XYZ C.E.O Bobby East earlier today took to his social media accounts appearing to Qfm management to resume playing his songs as he is now doing what he termed clean music away from the “Paloma” Type of music that he used to do. The Younger Bobby East had explicit Lyrical content that wasn’t radio friendly .

The rapper also paused a question why Qfm management makes presenters sign actual paper work not to be playing Bobby East’s song including his features.

Looking at how the rapper came out one can only conclude that this iz npt something that just started yesterday but of a long time and bad blood between Qfm management and Bobby East Might be the Case.

See the Screen Shot below of Bobby East’s Tweet.

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