Dizmo Drops A Ballock, Calls King Illest ‘Wack’

Prolific “Apa Ili So” rapper Dizmo is trending on the internet for creating a Foax Pas leading to grave embarrassment of the self proclaimed “King of the South” King Illest.
This was after the “Life” Hitmaker Dizmo threw some shade at the “Kakwama” Hitmaker by calling him a wack artiste . Check What Dizmo posted below
Dizmo also went further using the Nauseated emoji implying how King Illest makes him feel. The baseline of his post is not yet known as they have never been any form of tension seen between the two Lusaka based rappers. However, one can only assume the genesis of this feud could be the attention King Illest is getting from his beef with Slapdee which has been the center of social media discussion lately. For now it’s in the Hands of King Illest to either Clapback or play the bigger guy.

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