Bow Chase’s Cautionary Advice To Fellow Artistes.

Regarded by fans as the “Leader Of The New Wave” With hit songs to his name like “Chimwemwe  Dance”  featuring Chef 187,”Izin’t She“,”Wagwaan “, “Balance It Up “music  series with T-Sean etc .Bow Chase maintains his stance as a prominent and versatile Artiste who seems to sit well on every type of music genre and puts up an astounding delivery .

On his latest song dubbed “Balipampamo” the XynLyf frontier Bow Chase closes the song with some cautionary remarks saying “Some of you should be thanking me for not making this type of music , coz nganayamba ukuchitefi nakulamichita ububi coz nama Dunka nayo ndamichita ububi, Muletasha” the statement can be loosly explained as a warning to industry mates of how Bow Chase can  murder any artiste on any type of beat be it Dunka , As he has already been Killing artiste using Dunka beats , and artiste’s should be thankful .

The entertainment industry is regarded as a competitive industry of which such remarks are to be expected from various rap acts aiming to prove a point and their relevance in the Game. Download Bow Chase’s latest song “Balipampamo”

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